Why not treat yourself to this gorgeous altar set! Have a look at our latest creation! 

Merry Meet!


We are delighted to offer you our handmade collection of magically infused bowls, alter sets, spirit boards, wands, chalices and gift sets. 

Every piece is individually crafted by us in a little cottage in Yorkshire. Every item is lovingly made for your pleasure.

We have very special and loyal clients who know just how  divine our pieces are. All our items are made using the finest quality materials with affordability in mind.

We have supplied spirit boards to Paranormal Societies and our wooden 'Tigerware' selection have been gifted for festival celebrations

We are able to offer personalised pieces, depending on your requirements!

We also design custom boards & signs for your covern, moots  and gatherings.

Commissions are always welcome.


Thank you once again for visiting Divine Enchantment.

 Love and light to you

 Blessed be.....

Batfinksoul & Gingembre-Kittie


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